With native plants, trees and eleven grasses.

Our own walking area


Because we need much less land thanks to our innovative cultivation system, we have laid out a footpath on our land and developed nature with native plants and trees. The so-called Wouwervallei area. Will you come for a walk too?


Trayplant wants to make an impact. A positive impact on our world. That is why over the past 10 years, we have invested heavily in the areas of labour, water, energy, environment, nature, biodiversity and education. For us, that is the complete story of sustainability.

100% circular

We use a 100% closed water system in our greenhouses and strawberry tray fields. This means that we purify the drained water from our tray fields, greenhouses and concrete paths and reuse it immediately, without wasting precious raw materials or energy. Furthermore, there is no emission of plant protection agents to the environment. After all, we aim to operate in a completely climate-neutral way. Furthermore, we drive electric cars, invest in solar panels, use highly efficient LED lighting and store residual heat to keep our greenhouses and offices pleasantly cool in summer and nice and warm in winter. Even better: in the near future, we will gladly give energy to our surroundings!

We give nature back to society

By using existing and innovative sustainable production methods in combination with a sustainable energy supply and water management, we achieve efficient sustainable operations with a return per hectare that is substantially higher than traditional cultivation.  For our high-tech multilayer cultivation, we now use one hectare of land where we would need 240 hectares of land in traditional cultivation. We give this space back to nature and society and use it for visual greenery and biodiversity. For more information also visit

Good farming gives you energy!

Sharing information!

Neighbour relations

Just like home

For us as a company, keeping the neighbours informed is important. Before we actually take action, sharing information about what we are going to do and why we are going to do it is extremely important. For instance, our neighbours do not look straight at our loading dock and our premises are enclosed by green strips and a green footpath called the Wouwervallei. 

In touch with the environment

Van der Avoird Trayplant often sits at the table with councils, the government and our environment. Acting with common sense and being in contact with our surroundings is indispensable in doing business.


If you visit our company as a customer or holidaymaker, you can make your stay complete with an overnight stay at ’t Wilgenhart.  

Toerisme de Baronie

 Collects the best of the region and puts it in the shop window on their website.

Our own nature reserve
You can also find the Wouwervallei here. Fancy a stroll?    

Toerisme de Baronie

 Collects the best of the region and puts it in the shop window on their website.

Our own nature reserve
You can also find the Wouwervallei here. Fancy a stroll?    

Framboise d’Avoird

Onze eigen wijn

A good example of the above Cittaslow statement is how  Van der Avoird Trayplant collaborates with others in producing our “Framboise d'Avoird”, a delicious raspberry wine.  Minicamping Wilgenweide and Wijngaard Dassemus are some local enterprises with whom we collaborate to market wonderful natural products.

Natural product

Excursion registration

Have you become enthusiastic about our company and would you like an educational tour of our company with a group of at least 20 people? Then we would like to receive your registration.

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