Research & Development

New techniques are optimised on an ongoing basis.

This is R&D

Looking for answers together

Our R&D department searches for innovations every day. When we find a new innovation, we always keep the interests of our employees, customers and the environment in mind. We therefore believe that these values can only reinforce each other.


At Van der Avoird Trayplant, time never stands still. We keep looking for answers to questions we are constantly asking ourselves.

Demo greenhouse

Our new showpiece at Van der Avoird Trayplant: a demo greenhouse where we are developing a concept in which fruit can be grown all year round.


Existing and new varieties, together in the same demo tunnel. This makes it possible to make a good comparison and ultimately give the right strategic advice to customer and variety owner.


Properly analysing trials and understanding what is happening, that is what we do every day.

Knowledge database

Years of research are the basis

The R&D team searches daily for the answers behind the question. Together, they ensure that we can continue to supply the best plants and ultimately come up with great innovations.

Obtained data from the past and the future are linked to new innovations.


Wij werken aan het voedsel van morgen, maar houden de toekomst van onze planeet goed in de gaten. 

We zetten graag duurzame stappen met ons boerenverstand.
Dat wil zeggen dat we niet alleen kijken naar de economische mogelijkheden, maar dat we ons altijd de vraag stellen ‘is het werkelijk duurzaam en draagt het bij aan het geheel op de lange termijn’? Balans in mensen, wereld en rendement is hierbij voor ons onmisbaar. 

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