Taking a tour together in innovative layer cultivation.

Always welcome

Taking a tour together and learning from each other

Every year we receive many visitors who want to take a look around at Van der Avoird Trayplant. We then tell them about the cultivation, the techniques, our vision of sustainability and how we do business at Trayplant.

Will you drop in too?

We like being the educational knowledge centre for sustainability and innovation for companies, customers, councils, schools and local residents alike. We regularly organise guided tours or open our company to interested parties who want to take a look around.


Through years of experience, Van der Avoird Trayplant has a lot of knowledge of the product and the industry.

We like to share knowledge and skills with colleagues from the industry. We believe that only together we can make the industry better and therefore have a bright future together.

Sharing experiences is important for the further development of the plant.

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