About us

Every day we create added value for people, the world and profitability.

Hello Trayplant

Van der Avoird Trayplant is a leading, sustainable and innovative company in the soft fruit sector. We specialise in growing strawberry and raspberry propagating material. 

Our first innovative technique heralded the existence of Van der Avoird Trayplant in 2002: propagating raspberry plants in a tray. A step that made many in our industry follow suit.

One of the latest techniques we recently realised contributes to society’s growing food demand with less impact on nature. We believe it is possible to meet this while lessen our impact on and use of nature.

People - Planet - Profit

Right in that order

Growth, of our plants and our people, is at the heart of our business. For us, growth is never more of the same. We create innovation and added value for people, for the world and for profitability.

At Van der Avoird Trayplant, we therefore work together with motivation every day to make our customers happy with healthy and sustainably grown strawberry and raspberry plants.

Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year

Winner 2018

Our own technique of propagating raspberry and strawberry plants via trays won us the 2018 Agrarian Entrepreneur of the Year (Agrarisch Ondernemer van het Jaar) award. In the setup, motivated people are the pillar of our business. The business result is a team result where we constantly consider our positive impact on nature.

Innovation, sustainability, courage

Our values

 We believe that the quality of what you do increases when you give each other the space to think along, when you are curious about other insights and ideas. We have a common interest and speak to each other openly. Easy, isn’t it? It can be, if you trust each other first. Trust the other’s intentions and competences and have an eye for each other. We are committed to long-term, sustainable collaboration.

Our strength

We search for the question behind the answer

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