Work hard, play hard!

Satisfied team

 We are all about people

At Trayplant, it is important to us to have a nice lunch together, catch up and have a laugh.

 We can have such great ideas, but ultimately it is the people who are capable of making dreams come true. Our colleagues work with passion and pleasure: from office staff to planters, cultivators, temporary workers, holiday workers, interior decorators to managers. Everyone is equally important, and that’s not a false promise. Everyone on our work floor can say: we make Trayplant possible!

Team outings

An outing every year! A few days away where we combine a company visit with team-building activities.

Development opportunities

At Trayplant, we believe it is important that our colleagues can develop themselves. Both our plants and our people have unique characteristics. We ensure a good working environment so that everything and everyone can grow in the best possible quality. We try to stimulate this development through a personal development budget, a good coach and a working environment where you can develop yourself safely.

We also maintain close ties with schools and universities to offer the younger generation a place at Trayplant in the form of an internship or school assignment. Many colleagues have gone before us who have grown from a part-time job to a job at Trayplant. Will you be next?

 Workplace for people with an occupational disability

There is a place for everyone at Trayplant, including people with an occupational disability.

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