Working together to create the best plants, that’s what we do at Trayplant!

Ready for the future

Plants in the tray

Our innovation started back in 2002. This first innovative technique heralded the existence of Trayplant. We propagated raspberry plants in a tray. An unseen step that many industry peers gratefully followed. We don’t mind that at all, because if it benefits the industry, then in the end everyone benefits.
A rising tide lifts all boats.

We still feel that drive for innovation every day. Society has a growing food demand. We believe it is possible to meet this need - not at the expense of nature, but with a positive impact on it. For us, people, world and profitability are not separate ingredients, but the basic components of our success.


Layer cultivation

Innovation continues to this day. In March 2022, we commissioned a large-scale, automated system. With eight hundred movable so-called cultivation tables, which slide slowly under energy-efficient LED lights in an endless chain of rails. Completely controlled by computers, which can coordinate the optimal living and growing conditions of our plants thanks to numerous measurements. In a relatively small area, we thus manage to achieve a very high yield. 

In a relatively small area, Traylant can grow a lot of plants.

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