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The Relation managers

What can our Relation managers help you with?

Our relation managers stand for delivering vital plants. They provide strategic advice tailored to your business situation. This could include advice on plant type, variety choice, cultivation systems or thinking along with you on sustainability. This allows you to achieve the highest possible return in the long term and enables us to build a long-term and close relationship together. Let’s get in touch!

Peter van Hulten

Tel. +31 6 124 67 894

Regio: BeNeLux, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland & other countries

Languages: English, German & Dutch

Jelle Broeders

Tel. +31 6 579 17 142

Region: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Languages: English, German & Dutch

Robin Stolk

Tel. +31 6 132 80 060

Region: BeNeLux, Denmark, UK, FInland, Ireland, Norway, Poland & Sweden

 Languages: English & Dutch

Ruben Smulders

Tel. +31 6 826 665 42

Logistics Europe

Languages: English, German & Dutch 


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