Beautiful appearance

Day-neutral variety from Flevo Berry with a continuous production. The strawberries are large in size, which benefits picking rate. The variety is strongly resistant to thrips damage. In addition, Bravura produces beautiful light red fruits. Once harvested, there is almost no colour change.

Fruit properties

Fruit shape

Uniform conical fruits


Sweet but with a slight fresh accent


Even orange-red colour and once harvested, there is almost no colour change

Fruit skin  Firm skin
Fruit size 

Good average fruit weight


Shelf life Long shelf life
Pressure sensitivity  Low pressure sensitivity

Bright fresh green colour

Plant properties


High productivity

Crop growth

Compact growth habit and quickly produces lateral crowns, short sturdy flower clusters, large leaves

Resistance to disease

Low sensitivity to mildew



Bravura is available in Scandinavia, Benelux, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain and Portugal.

Available in: mini-tray and module. 

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