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4BWD Desert Rat
Pauwlowniablad los

Desert rat

Paulownia 4BWD is a mutant superclone with as a
parental line Paulownia Fortunei. After some backcrossing the new trees were then planted in the Gobi Desert in the extremely hot climate zones. A few of these plants had a triple set of leaves instead of the normal double set of leaves. Because of the special growing conditions, the "Desert Rat
developed as a Paulownia that is drought and
heat resistant. Intensive daily watering should be given during the first 4-5 years of growth.

Variety properties

Frost & Heat

Frost resistant to -10, heat resistant to 60

Growth  Very fast growing
Harvest  Harvest after 8-12 years
Non-invasive Non-invasive 
Stem  Creates a perfectly straight trunk 
Bloom Beautiful pink, purple-white flowers with lots of honey
Locations  Suitable for sandy soil and volcanic ash soil 


Paulownia 4BWD is available throughout Europe.

Available in: tray plant.

Paulowniablad in pot

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